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What is Microsoft’s Quote-to-Cash Capability?

Date: 22 July 2019

Imaging you can go from quote to cash completely within your Outlook system without switching screens or programs, this is what we call it “quote-to-cash” capability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s ability to integrate with other powerful Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft Outlook, enable users to easily add rich information to the emails that are connected with the user’s customers. The mentioned information includes sales quotes, invoices, and other financial information.

The Outlook integration makes it easier than ever for users to access customer, vendor, and item information from within Microsoft Outlook.

We call this the “quote-to-cash” connection, in which you can go from quote to cash within Microsoft Outlook, without switching screens or programs.

We can perform the following Dynamics 365 tasks from within Microsoft Outlook:

  • Entering a sales quote
  • Emailing the sales quote to a customer or prospect
  • Converting the sales quote into an invoice once a sale is made
  • Posting the sales invoice into Business Central
  • Converting the invoice into cash

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