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What is "Tell Me" feature in Business Central?

Date: 7 August 2019

Tell Me can help you quickly go to things like actions, pages, or reports, find information about how to complete a particular task, and discover additional apps and consulting services for Business Central.

Tell Me Feature in Business Central
Tell Me [Tell Me What You Want To Do]
  1. When you need help finding something, use the Tell me what you want to do Tell me what you want to do icon to search for it.
  2. You can also use ALT+Q to start using Tell Me.
  3. When you start typing characters, Business Central immediately displays matches. Results in the list change as you type more characters.
  4. If you prefer to use keyboard, use the Tab key and arrow keys to choose an item in the results. If you press Enter on your keyboard without choosing a result, Business Central opens the result that is listed first.


On Current Page
  1. The On Current Page section lets you find and perform actions on the page you have open. 
  2. If the Sales Quote page is open and you type “customer,” the section includes an action that opens the customer card for the customer chosen on the sales quote.
  3. The list includes only actions that are available in the Navigation Bar at the top of the page. Actions on FastTabs are not included.
Find a Page or a Task
  1. The results in the Go to Pages and Tasks section provide access to other pages and let you perform tasks. The pages and tasks that are listed depend on the user experience you chose for your company. 
Find a Report or Archived Information
  1. The Go to Reports and Analysis section offers access to reporting tools.
  2. For example, you can open the Balance Sheet report from the list, or access archived documents and other information.

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